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1Approval of Agenda
2Approval of Minutes
3Public Comment (on an agenda item)
4Move to add an additional Regional Water System Specialist position effective immediately; defund the budgeted Water System Engineering Aide-Seasonal position (T28001) for FY2023; eliminate the current Regional Water System Specialist position (G66501) effective upon incumbent’s retirement; and amend the budget accordingly.
5Move to authorize bidding four (4) Eastside Water System water main replacement projects.
6Move to authorize bidding the exterior painting of the Evanston Ave. elevated water tank.
7Move to approve the attached waste hauling contract with Republic Services of Muskegon and authorize the Chair to sign the same.
8Move to approve a change order to the Cell 6 Construction Project for the topsoil berm construction on the Cell 2 Gap.
9Move to obtain procurement level quotes for analytical laboratory services for the landfill groundwater monitoring program and alternate pricing for sampling services and authorize staff to select the lowest cost option.
10Move to authorize the price increases (effective January 1, 2023) for the rates and laboratory tests listed in the Summary of Request below.
11Move to extend the contract for professional engineering services with Prein & Newhof to June 30, 2026.
12Move to authorize the purchase of a new John Deere S780 Combine with attachments through Sourcewell with trade-in of the old combine and attachments for a net cost of $671,475.04.
13Move to reject all bids for RFB 22-2455, Vehicle Lubricants.
14Move to authorize the sale of used Agilent GC/MS, used Cummins 250 KW diesel generator, and used Cummins Automatic Transfer Switch.
15Move to renew the Agreement between the West Shore Snowmobile Council and the Muskegon County Board of Public Works and authorize the Board Chair to sign same.
16Informational Items
17Unfinished Business
18Final Board Comments